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On this page We'd like to give You some advises to plan your journey right, from the beginning to its end, to find more additional information to get around. You couldn't find how to buy plane-tickets?! It's for You...

To begin with, You should determine your journey's terms. After that, it's necessary to think about your destination, both there and back, if You try to travel on your own car.

To do it well, use Michelin excellent Internet-navigation (like GPS-navigation) service.
With Michelin You can search, both any city/town/place/address map and your detailed destination one with full traffic data all over the world. It works well with Russian maps, as well.

The same service is - Expedia.
But it's difficult to use with russian networks and it has bad Russian map-base.

With these Internet-navigation services You can find and print map of any address or place You need in Finland to get around.
If You decide to use our service, experienced drivers'll deliver You to Finland (Suomi) to any place (your home address, railroad/bus stations, sea-terminals, airports) you want from any place (your home address, railroad/bus stations, sea-terminals, airports) in S:t Petersburg (Russia) and same back by comfortable minibuses and cars. All vehicles' information You can find at: Vehicles>>

According to our prices, announced at this site, We deliver our clients all over the Finland (Suomi) and back to S:t Petersburg (Russia). You can find prices information at: Price-list>>

If You're going to take a plane from Finland (Suomi) to Europe or from Europe to Finland (Suomi), you gotta take interest of ticket purchasing in advance. It's necessary to know all exact flight information (arrival time, airport place, terminal number) when you call to our dispatcher to order vehicle. In that case, We'll be able to plan vehicle for You in advance. We fulfill urgent orders, of course, but, as usual, it costs more for clients.

As usual, people fly by popular air-companies like: SAS, Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways etc...
Nowadays, there're so many budget companies (low fare) all over the world, flying from Finland (Suomi) to Europe and same back, too.
As our clients say, we can surely admit , all these companies are the most popular ones when tickets are being purchased. Full budget companies' list You can find at: Links>>.

All of those companies' international flights' departures and arrivals are mostly being fulfilled from 3 Finnish cities:
Helsinki (Blue1, German Wings, Air-Berlin), Tampere (Ryanair, Blue1) and Turku (Blue1).
You can get to any of Finnish cities very cheap by Blue1, as well.

You can get to Sweden from Finland (Suomi) by Blue1 or to take Viking Line, Silja Line ferries.

It's necessary to have Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard to buy E-tickets Online at these budget companies' web-sites. After You pay Online, You'll get an E-mail confirmation, right away. You can Check-in Online 48 hours before departure.
At last You bought tickets! Just call to our dispatcher and make a minibus/car reservation for time and date needed.

When You call, E-mail or ICQ to dispatcher, You have to perform information like this:

  1. your departure/arrival S:t Petersburg/Finland's address (your home address, railroad/bus stations, sea-terminals, airports etc.)

  2. preferable departure time from S:t Petersburg/Finland (Suomi)

  3. your contacts (home/mobile phones' numbers)

  4. place, date and departure time from Finland if You fly (dispatcher knows Check-in begins 2 hours before departure)

  5. place, date and arrival time to Finland if You fly (if You make a reservation for your way back)

All licenses and certificates. © 2007 FinnWay +7(812)336-42-72, +7(812)915-11-99      You are:

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